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This is a sampe menu to give you an idea of the quality of food that  you can expect. The menu can be as simple or as fancy as you would like, but it will always be of the highest quality.

Where possible i'll use independent suppliers from Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas as we are blessed with some wonderful local produce.

For the best seasonal fruit and vegtables i'll solely be using Pomona grocery in Shrewsbury. These guys have a wealth of knowledge and amazing produce, fantastic cooking is worthless without fantastic ingredients.


                                  1st course


A cocktail of langoustine and Lobster with Vodka and Caviar.



                                 2nd course


A carpaccio of cold smoked pigeon breast served with roasted beetroot and horseradish



                                  3rd course


Roasted breast of Mallard duck with a raspberry and chilli jelly and fondant potatoes.





A sweet Risotto with stem ginger, black pepper and cherry and Kirsch Jam






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